Warm and clear sea,gentle sun ,beautiful ecology,Magnificent island with an astonishing past.Homeland of Zeus that will charm you with its wealth of historical heritage and the authenticity of people's culture,unusual legends about Minos,Minotaur and Knossos labyrinth...

Crete-the largest and one of the most beautiful island's in Greece.Cretan sea-is an ideal place,to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time in the heart of nature.Today the island lives in full force.The capital of the island Heraklion-is one of the largest cities in Greece.It's history includes more than 2,5 thousand years.Knosos palace-one of the most famous monuments of Crete(located just 5km from the city).Built in II century B.C. then destroyed by earthquakes and after the restoration it became even more majestic.And of course Minotaur's Labyrinth.You will visit the place,where marvelous myths about Minotaur,beautiful Ariadne,brave Tissey and the son of Zeus-King Minos were borned.The variety of preserved buildings,paintings and moldings in the whole palace give a performance of the life and the way of life of the people of the Minoan Era.

Chania is a city with a long story,the former capital of Crete,is located 150km from Heraklion.The city reached its cultural and historical heyday with the arrival of the Venetians.Cozy harbor,fortress,bastions,palaces and luxurious mansions,graceful fountains,Venetian neighborhoods with narrow streets have survived until now and do not cease to admire the tourists with their beauty.

Rethymnon is located halfway between the cities Heraklion and Chania.This is the third largest city in Crete.The architecture of Rethymnon reflected the influences of different eras and cultures.Old harbor,the majestic fortress of Fortezza,Rimondi fountain,the mosque with minarets, narrow streets and the  well-preserved houses of the Venetian period is the old city.

Agios Nikolaos,the center of the eastern region of the island,which is located on the shore of the Gulf of Mirabello.In the past a small fishing village, and now the most famous cosmopolitan resort of Crete.More than 50 thousand vocationers visit the village every summer.Beautiful harbor with colourful fishing boats and pleasure boats,connected by a canal with a picturesque lake,which locals call botomless.Here,according to the legend Athena and Artemis bathed.

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