South Crete Chora Sfakion Sweet Water & Loutro

South Crete Chora Sfakion Sweet Water & Loutro

First we will pass the Askifou Plateau, then cross the mountain range and make a stop to drink coffee, eat the local specialty - sfakyanopita, enjoy stunning views of the southern coast of the Sfakia region and the Imbros gorge.

They say that in Sfakia there are the highest mountains, the most remote villages and the most proud, independent residents. You will learn about what the Cretan vendetta is and why neither the Turks, nor the Venetians, nor the Germans managed to conquer these places.

After exploring the village of Chora Sfakion, we will go by boat to the village of Loutro, which can only be reached by water. Loutro - one of the most secluded places in Crete, conquers with its snow-white houses, a transparent sea and as if floating boats in the air. There are no large hotels, crowded streets and cars.

If you have wishes for the program, then we can always complement the trip with other objects.


  • Askifou plateau
  • Imbros gorge
  • Chora Sfakion
  • Sweet water
  • Loutro


The tour price includes:

  • Luxury Vehicle & driver
  • Wi-fi and soft drinks on board
  • Tickets for the boat
  • Brunch in Sweet Water 
  • All taxes and insurance

Not included in the tour price:

  • Personal expenses
  • Guide on request


Private tour 

The cost of the tour is per group from the Chania region, other Crete regions on request.

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