Chania city tour

The resort town of Chania is extraordinarily distinctive because of the intertwining of cultures that have influenced it for several centuries. From the Roman king Kidon to the rulers of Byzantium, from Venetian luxury to the Turkish invaders. There are magnificent palaces, cobbled streets, fortifications. Each building is reminiscent of the difficult but so interesting fate of this city. We will begin our walk from the hill of the prophet Elijah. On the one hand, there is a wonderful view of the Old Town, 5 blocks of which are unusually picturesque with their narrow streets, winding greens and smells of national cuisine. On the other - the sea and the snow-capped peaks of the beautiful White Mountains.

Then we go down to the city market, which, according to many tourists, is one of the best in Europe. Here you really understand that there is everything in Greece! The unique varieties of honey, tea and coffee from mountain plantations, a variety of seafood and fish. You can find something absolutely unique to take home as a souvenir or as a gift. Do not forget about the huge food court, which offers a great variety of local delicacies and national dishes!

Our next stop is at the monastery of Chrysopigi - a monastery dedicated to the icon of the Mother of God "Life-Giving Source", also called "Golden Source" ("Chrysopigi"). Founded in the 16th century, the monastery was originally a male monastery and, having undergone many changes, periods of prosperity and decline, It was again restored after the Second World War. Now the monastery is female. Sisters of the monastery are engaged in traditional monastic crafts: icon painting and wall painting of temples, beekeeping, the production of candles and incense, soap making and growing organic vegetables and fruits on the monastic lands.
  • Note:
    Individual tour for 5-6 hours up to 7 people, 290 € per group.
    Car with driver
    Guide ,
    Refreshing drinks
    Wi-Fi on board
    Entrance price to the monastery 2,50 €
    Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, guided tours in the afternoon

  • Prices
  • Private Tour up to 6 travelers 290 EUR 290 EUR

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